Sunday Night Football!

The Football season is ready to start! To make it a great one, watch it on a new OLED TV from LG.

All TV shows and games are in Surround sound and to minimize the fan noise and here the announcers

you need at least a 3 channel system.

call us to design one for you!

watch your while on vacation

Whats happening at your home while your away?     View anytime from any smart device!

Ring Door Bell is great but the cloud cost is a lot of money.

Want to record your camera’s? have us install a Digital Video Recorder system.

Memorial Day Sale

Security door bell, A great way to see who is at your front door.Save 20% on labor from AED when purchasing it from us. This i usually not an easy install and have found found DYI call us to finish it.


Been waiting for a Holiday discount? Save 20% on labor from us on installing any product purchased from AED.



Smart TV’s set up to your home WiFi allows someone to gain access to you with the built in camera on the TV.

No would never know someone is watching you!

AED doesn’t set up your TV this way. Let us set upsomeone is watching you a sound system for you.

Interactive floor Projection System

Its cold and the Kids don”t want to go outside! Have us  install an Interactive game system for hours of fun.

Easy to operate, make your own games!. You don’t need a dark room!

Average Price is $2500 installed.


what to do on a cold day

What to do on a cold day? Especially in Minnesota you can”t take the children outside! so give them hours of exercise and joy with an Interactive projection floor game.


can provide with the product and installation. Most systems are under $2500.

Cut the Cable

Is it time to   CUT THE CABLE?  Clients ask me all the time about their options and it depends on what Shows you watch not the channel their on.

With Netflix buying HBO. They are gearing up for more shows than DVD rental.

Contact us about setting you up for Binge show pics 003a


Everyone like a deal, right? but when its to good to be true you need to ask why.

All TV manufacturers are now making Black Friday TV’s for the market place. These have specific model and serial numbers so warranty repair is only for 30 to 60 days.

All of the TV’s are made with less parts!!

I had gone to a dealer meeting several years ago with LG. The Technician had opened the back of the Black Friday and a regular TV.

Showing that fewer processing chips, smaller power supply and fewer heat dispenser pads was the reason for the cheaper price.

So buyer beware! Its a flat screen TV but its what you paid for.

Our Black Friday Deal is 25% off all labor on product purchased from AED.


I always get asked which Internet is better and what Modem to buy. Well here is the break down.cable-box

Comcast,  yes they are the fastest internet speed…depending on were you live.

Don’t believe the sales person. for example Montemedi Mn around the east side of the lake only offers 1.5mgb. That a little better than dial up. Look at paying $100

Century Link, up to 40 mgb. have had clients that complain they have to power cycle their modems every two months. speed is the same pretty much everywhere. Less cost than Comcast.

Modems…what to get?

If you are not getting a phone line from Comcast you can go and get a Modem at Walmart and not pay the rental fee. Getting a phone line from them requires their Modem!

Century Link you are not bound to their Modem…save money again.

Service??? their both the same about service…I know it sucks. Wait on hold for an hour! then get disconnected.