I always get asked which Internet is better and what Modem to buy. Well here is the break down.cable-box

Comcast,  yes they are the fastest internet speed…depending on were you live.

Don’t believe the sales person. for example Montemedi Mn around the east side of the lake only offers 1.5mgb. That a little better than dial up. Look at paying $100

Century Link, up to 40 mgb. have had clients that complain they have to power cycle their modems every two months. speed is the same pretty much everywhere. Less cost than Comcast.

Modems…what to get?

If you are not getting a phone line from Comcast you can go and get a Modem at Walmart and not pay the rental fee. Getting a phone line from them requires their Modem!

Century Link you are not bound to their Modem…save money again.

Service??? their both the same about service…I know it sucks. Wait on hold for an hour! then get disconnected.



Holloween sounds outside

With a Sonos Play1,2,3 you can plug them in to an outlet on your porch and play music while the kids come trick or treating.


Sonos play one for $199.99

slow WIFI in your home?

Everyone is home for MEA, Fall break… and your WIFI is slow because everyone is on it!!

A WIFI extender only extends the signal but also makes it slower!

Add a Luxul POE system and never have this problem!!

Contact us to service you.WIFI fast

getting ready for the Holidays!

Everyone starts thinking about the Holidays and being inside as the colder temps come this week.

Have you updated your audio equipment yet? We can upgrade without a lot of cost!

HDMI is the main format for sending video to your TV. The last company to make a VCR has stopped production!

and component video is going away (red,green,blue), so when you buy a new DVD player you will only see HDMI.

Call us to assist you in the upgrade.